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Cliffbreakers' 6 New Years Eve Party Fashion Ideas for 2010

Fashion Trends for 2010

It’s hard to believe the new year is literally right around the corner! If you’re like me and have been living in a whirlwind of chaos between finals and Holiday festivities, your New Year’s outfit has probably been placed on the back burner. Also, maybe with all of the hustle and bustle you haven’t had a chance to try out any of the great Winter trends!

New Year’s Eve is a great time to try out a new trend, because you can really go as crazy with your look as you want. Here is a list of three trends you might want to rock for NYE. Hopefully this post will reach you with enough time to rummage through your closet or make a quick (inexpensive) shopping trip!

Fashion Trend #1: Metallic

Metallics are very festive for New Year’s events because “sparkle” is a common motif for New Year’s- sparkling champagne, sparkling disco balls, sparkle in your eye before your New Year’s kiss…Well, maybe not the last one, but nonetheless, metallics are a great choice for ringing in the new year!

Rule: Don’t go overly glitzy with the other pieces in your outfit- let your metallic dress be the “shining” focal point of the outfit. Otherwise, you risk looking seriously overdone and a little trashy.

Suggestion: I personally prefer a neutral color palette when it comes to metallics. Stick with a bronze, silver, or white-based metallic dress with complementary pieces in another neutral color.

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Fashion Trend #2: Purple & Black

Purple and black are two great night time colors that will give your ensemble a little mysterious edge. The black-and-purple trend has been worn by many celebrities and was displayed in several Fall 2009 RTW shows.

Rule: I shouldn’t have to tell you this, but it bears repeating: if you wear a purple dress, do not wear purple shoes and a purple clutch. You will resemble a purple people eater, which is not a very attractive party look!

Suggestion: I personally like a 25/75 color-to-color ratio when it comes to two-toned outfits. For example, for a purple and black combination I would go for either 25% purple and 75% black or the reverse.

Fashion Trend #3: Animal Print Booties

Animal print booties have been spotted on many celebs lately such as Rihanna and Anne V. Although finding the right boots might take some effort, you can always wear them again after the new year! They’re definitely going to be hot for a while.

Rule: Shorter or mini dresses are a must when you wear this trend, because it’s all about being fierce and fearless. Anything at-the-knee or longer will just make the proportions of your legs look really odd.

Suggestion: Celebs and the like seem to be wearing animal print booties with sweater dresses or 3/4 sleeve draped dresses. These types of dresses would be a unique alternative to the traditional cocktail dress for New Year’s Eve!

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Fashion Basics for 2010

Outfit 1: Rock the Little Black Dress

You can never go wrong with a little black dress! This LBD, however, has a little extra pop with the fabulous addition of fringe and a great exposed zipper. I also love this LBD for its vintage-throwback feel and peppering of gold sequins along the neckline.

Because this particular dress is pretty short and somewhat low-cut, I would pair it with some fun metallic snakeskin flats, a cardigan or faux leather jacket over it, or a tight tee underneath, just for some modesty. If you already own a standby LBD and want to dress it up for NYE, you can’t go wrong with a surplus of sparkling accessories and a great pair of heels.

Outfit 2: Do Skinny Jeans & a Party Top

This is a perfect last-minute outfit, since it’s made up of clothing you probably already own!

Skinny jeans are great for day-to-day wear, but take a super dark (or black) pair, tuck them into boots, and top it off with a one-shoulder shirt and you’ve got something totally dressy and cute for night. Play up the glam factor with an arm full of bejeweled bracelets, or trade these boots for sky-high platform pumps.

The jeans are a great choice if it’s cold where you live, or if you’re doing something active and don’t want to worry about tugging on your dress or skirt all night. You easily could do a similar look with black tuxedo pants if skinnies aren’t your thing!

Outfit 3: Go Super Trendy with Sequined Leggings

Black sequined leggings are a totally fun and trendy look for a big night out. Because they’re such a statement piece, they’re a perfect (and flashy!) foundation for your new year’s look. You’ll get all the glamour of wearing something sparkly and sequined, but your look will take an unexpected, sophisticated turn since the leggings are black.

This look is a great option if you want something ritzy, but not overtly flashy. Make your leggings stand out by playing them off a floaty, neutral or nude-colored top, under a black boyfriend blazer. The sequins will definitely be the focal point of your outfit, but don’t forget about your shoes and accessories! Black pumps or booties and chunky studded jewelry are both excellent accents.


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